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These are just a few of the services that we offer at GUNNISLAKE GARAGE. Call us for more information of how we can help get your vehicle running as new or better.


Air- Conditioning Repairs
With both R134a and R1234yf Air-Con service machines we can cover all vehicles in house and carry out all necessary repairs required to get systems working efficiently again.


Programming, Mapping,
Coding and Software Updating

Equipped with latest and up to date diagnostics equipment we are able to programme new and old modules to vehicles along with Vehicle software updates if required

ECU Re-mapping and software engineering carried out on site for all issues.



Servicing and Maintenance

* All make vehicle + light commercial servicing

* Timing belts  replacements

* Clutch and gearbox repairs

* Gearbox servicing DSG and CVT transmission 

* Auto gearbox re-calibration

* Carbon Cleaning



Digital 4 Wheel Laser Alignment, Suspension and Steering Repairs/Upgrades

After any suspension or steering repairs are carried out, vehicles should always have the tracking/alignment checked and/or adjusted to ensure drivability and even tyre wear are achieved.


We have the latest in suspension geometry alignment equipment which enables us to re set your vehicles suspension to how it was when it came out the factory.


We can also supply and fit coil over kits to vehicles for track or road use and set up to customer requirements 



All forms of brakes supplied and repaired. ABS and ESP system repaired included electronic park brakes. Brake Upgrades also available.


Before & After photos

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