Here at GGtuning we offer a power tuning service to maximise power output of your engine, without affecting reliability. We also offer Eco and Blend Tuning.

All software supplied by BevoTuning, tried, tested and fully guaranteed by us!

We also offer full Diagnostics and DPF system repairs. If you have had an ongoing fault that hasn't been able to be rectified elsewhere, give us a try!



Providing cutting edge software for all vehicles, improving performance, drivability and economy. Custom made for each and every vehicle.

We can unlock the true potential of your vehicle, giving you more power torque and improved fuel economy.

Contact us for details of expected gains and prices for your vehicle's transformation. You will not be disappointed.

Eco Tuning- for the person that would like to achieve greater mpg from their current vehicle, whilst maintaining present power output.

Blend Tuning - a mixture of power and eco maps, maps are adjusted to cater for your needs and where your foot is on that throttle! Cruising using minimal fuel and extra power on hard acceleration when required.

Stage 1 Power Tuning - extracting every bit of extra power that is available from your engine, safely! Upgraded power software is designed to work with your current standard engine and no extra modifications are required.

We also offer stage 2 and 3 tuning but this requires work on the engine which we are able to carry out at customer requests.
Bigger Turbo's, upgraded injectors, bigger intercoolers, quick flow exhausts and inductions kit's. All can be supplied and fitted!

       Motor Vehicle Diagnostics


We specialise in electrical and electronic diagnostic fault finding and repairs.

We have invested a great deal of time and effort in up to date training, and in specialised equipment to allow us to effectively diagnose and repair the most complicated faults on your vehicle.


We have:

Autel Maxsys

Snap On Modis

VCDS - VW Audi Seat Skoda Specific

OP-COM - Vauxhall Specific

BMW Specific

Peugeot Planet/Citroen Lexia diagnostic scanners, which allow us to read fault codes and live data from your vehicle. With our specialised knowledge and expertise we use this information to diagnose and repair the fault effectively.

We also have Pico Scope, an automotive oscilloscope which we use to carry out in depth testing of components, wiring, component signals and data, to track down more troublesome faults

We are active members of Diagnostic Internet Forums where we share knowledge and information with other like minded Diagnostic Specialists.