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We are an authorised agent for Avon Tuning, who are world class leaders in the remapping industry. Working together we can provide a remapping service of the highest quality.

We start by carrying out a full heath check of your vehicle  along with data logging measure to insure we understand how your vehicle is behaving and is suitable for Remap to be applied.

Once completed, your vehicle software (ECU Map) is extracted and sent to Avon Tuning HQ for modification.


Once your vehicle's software file has been received by Avon Tuning their team of in house software engineers will carry out the modification process. Based on your requirements, parameters such a Boost Pressure, Injection Quantity and Torque Request and re calibrated. Avon Tuning Spend a vast amount of time on research and development with the aid of their Dimsport 4WD Dyno/Rolling road set up. This results in a impressive, safe and reliable Remap

Your newly calibrated software file is returned to us for final programming to your vehicle. The Main Aspects you will notice are better performance, improved driveability and much improved responsiveness.

Own a diesel vehicle? You can even see better MPG  under normal driving conditions!

Before handing back your keys very similar task's as in step 1 to ensure you are ready to enjoy your transformed vehicle vehicle and be welcomed to the World of Remapping!

       Motor Vehicle Diagnostics


We specialise in electrical and electronic diagnostic fault finding and repairs.

We have invested a great deal of time and effort in up to date training, and in specialised equipment to allow us to effectively diagnose and repair the most complicated faults on your vehicle.


We have:

VAG ODIS Main Dealer Tool- Allowing us to perform dealer level diagnostics, updates and software re flashes and change vehicle coding to customers request.

VDCS - Another VAG Specialists Tool

AUTEL MAXICOM - Great all rounder diagnostic tool

SNAP-ON VERUS - Another great all rounder diagnostic Tool

We also have Pico Scope, an automotive oscilloscope which we use to carry out in depth testing of components, wiring, component signals and data, to track down more troublesome faults

We are active members of Diagnostic Internet Forums where we share knowledge and information with other like minded Diagnostic Specialists.





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